Resident’s Association

The Fireside Homeowners Association has been incorporated for the purpose of holding title to The Private Fireside Amenities, which consist of the Fireside entrance feature, medians and boulevards located on Fireside Boulevard and entrance features into individual phases that will remain the responsibility of the Homeowners Association.

The costs that will be charged to the Fireside Homeowners Association are for the preparation, mailing and collection of the annual invoices to Homeowners, postage costs, paper, any costs in relation to the Alberta Annual Return for the Association including legal fees, property taxes and fees to audit the annual financial statements. In addition to this, starting Spring 2011 the Homeowners Association became responsible for the costs associated with maintaining the entrance feature located at the main entrance in Fireside.

To pay for the operation and maintenance of the Amenities each residential unit will be required to make a payment to the Fireside Homeowners’ Association of a fixed rental fee of $50.00 per calendar year per residential unit. The Fireside Homeowners Association Fees commenced as of January 1, 2012.

NOTE: Every unit in Fireside will have an Encumbrance on title. Please ensure your lawyer contacts the Fireside Homeowners Association to ensure there are no monies owing on your title.

Please contact the Homeowner Association directly by telephone at 403.248.0990 or use the contact form below.



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