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What is the Fireside Homeowners’ Association and what does it do?

The Fireside Homeowners’ Association (HOA) was formed under the Alberta Societies Act on February 3, 2011 “to promote, foster, assist and develop the spirit of the community”. This means the Fireside HOA takes ownership over the maintenance and operation of the amenities within the community.

An encumbrance exists on all residential units within Fireside which outlines the annual payment required to cover the maintenance and operation of the amenities. A sample copy of the encumbrance can be downloaded here.

What do my fees pay for?

The annual fee collected by the Fireside HOA goes toward administration of the HOA and the maintenance and operation of community amenities.

Included in administration of the HOA is insurance, bank charges and legal and accounting professional fees.

Operation of community amenities includes the skating rink, the annual Stampede Breakfast and the decorative Christmas lights and flower pots as part of a seasonal landscaping program. Maintenance of community amenities covers the two entrance features at Highway 22, the decorative fencing in the Fireside Gate median and the two overlook features in the pond.

The 2018 budget for the Fireside HOA can be downloaded here.

Links to download previous year’s financial statements are below. The 2017 Financial Statements will be uploaded to the website when available.

How much is my fee and how do I pay?

For 2018, the Fireside HOA fee is $50 per residential unit. Information on types of payment accepted, due date and interest can be found on the 2018 Fee Letter and Pre-Authorized Debit Form. Please refer to the FAQ Sheet for answers to commonly asked questions regarding interest, types of payment, Pre-Authorized Debit and payment processing.

Every residential unit in Fireside has an HOA Encumbrance on title. Please ensure your lawyer contacts the Fireside HOA to ensure there are no monies owing on your title.

Would you like more information?

Please contact the Fireside HOA directly by telephone, Amy Lamme at 403-351-5846, firesidehomeowners@lavitaland.com or use the contact form below.



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