Fireside of Cochrane reflects the vision of La Vita Land — a vision that honours and reflects the values and genuine warmth of the Town of Cochrane and the people who choose to live there.

La Vita Land believes great communities are born from the courage to do things differently. When you envision a community that offers both value and longevity, you begin to see parks as gathering spaces, streets as connections between friends, and a place where luxurious homes, affordability and neighbourly warmth live in perfect harmony. A place like Fireside of Cochrane.

What’s in a name?

La vita. From Italian, it translates simply to “life.” A new life, after all, is what you are starting when you buy a home in a community by La Vita Land. An exciting life, active and fulfilling. A happy life, full of magic and memories. A good life.

While we recognize that our vision for community-building isn’t commonplace, we believe it’s the recipe for a very good life indeed!

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